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Monique Marketing
Monique  from Akron Ohio says, after spending over 15 years with the same company I had lost sight of my interest passion and talent. I’d let the company define who I was. After I became a causality of a massive company layoff, I found the Job Search and Career Transition Program. It gave me the spirit and focus to achieve my calling in life. I now have a great job and I am happier than ever. But I would not have gotten here had it not been for the Job Search and Career Transition Program.

Allayne Customer Service
Allayne McGee from the Acxiom Corporation had this to say, By learning and following the steps in the Career Transition course I found the job that was right for me. The course helped me choose the job that fit me and it helped me know what I really wanted to do and how to get the job. I now have the job I want and I feel great about it and I make good money. All that thanks to Job Search and Career Transition.

Marc Accounting - see Marc's Video
I was between jobs and unsure about the best way to approach the job market. I’m not naturally a self promoter. But through JSCT I learned that the standard resume approach is not effective. It is a tool to screen people out, not in. Through JSCT I learned to appropriately promote what I do. I learned to connect who I am and what I can do to who they are and what they need done. The Job JSCT process resulted in a mutually beneficial interview. My interviewer was so impressed with my approach, that two days later the job was mine. The instructors at JSCT have both the mind and heart to guide you through the process to prepare you to identify and land the job. I now have the job for which I am uniquely qualified and for that I heartily thank them.  

Chet Environmental Engineer
“600 resumes sent in six months; results, six bad interviews. A lot of time and a lot of money down the drain.  I came to your classes, and in six weeks I have a good job in my career field as an Environmental Engineer and with a company I like.

Ken Graphic Arts
“I had been out of work nine months.  You showed me how to prepare myself and what to expect.  You pro­vided me an opportunity to practice in a friendly group setting.  Now I have the position I want in my chosen field.  The company I am working for is like family. I have a real opportunity to contribute and to grow.  Thank you.”  Ken

Nancy Administrative Assistant
“When I started, I couldn't comfortably say who I was, what I had accomplished, and why I was interviewing.  Now I can express my accomplishments and effectively engage people in conversations directed toward my next position.  This has been invaluable."

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