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99% Resume Failure Rate

Resumes are not a Good Way to Initiate Contact for a Job
Resumes are a Tool to  Screen You Out, not In

Resumes do not Allow for Career Transition,
Only Same Job, Different Employer, Usually Lower Pay

Traditional Resumes, are One-Size-Fits-All, do not Connect You to Your RIGHT √ JOB ©

99.96% resume failure rate. It may be higher now with Internet databases. Resumes ineffective as an interface to the right job.

80% of the 148 million employed individuals in the U.S. think they are in the wrong job or wrong company and they got their job with a resume.

72% of employed people are seeking another job and still trying a resume.

69% of executives have revised their resumes in the last year and sent resumes to prospective employers. The vast majority think the way to get another job, is to circulate resumes.

25% change jobs in 2007 out of the 148 Million people employed in the US, 35 million job changes predicted by BLS. They got their job by resume. Forecast is for more job loss.

90% Of new companies go out of business in the first year
Downsizing and merger mania is pervasive.

Wrong people,  wrong job,  wrong company…  and a resume job got them there.

Conclusion: Resumes Don’t Work

You cannot get the right people into the right job with resume interfaces on internet databases. Likely you already knew that did not produce but did not know the alternative.  As competition for jobs increases and business profits decrease, there is less and less margin for this dysfunction.

What does work ?

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