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Your Career Decisions Are Important.

This is not something to be left to chance on the internet or whatever happens to come your way. You have to have something to aim for. We call that your Target Job Description. It is a description of your tasks to do in your Right √ JOB ©. Sure, the unexpected happens and you have to adjust but that is not a reason not to have a target or to just do nothing and let come what may. What works for others can work for you. We feel a significant part of this is the passion you have for something, the fire in your heart, your drive to do and to accomplish. This can be a focus to where you are going.

It Takes More Than A Resume


  • We begin with a discovery process to identify your uniqueness and your individual requirements.
  • We take you step by step through our comprehensive program.
  • We provide a discovery process of identify, connect and apply your unique requirements.
  • We help you find your passion and find your job.
  • We show you what works and what doesn’t.
  • We facilitate step by step the most complete and comprehensive Job Search and Career Transition package.
  • We’ll teach you the skills and give you the knowledge to find the job you want.


  • Experience Productive, Rewarded, Fulfilled, Head and Heart Connect
  • You sense you are In the Right Career
  • Your search is done right and in good order
  • Occupational Satisfaction and Happiness
  • More confident, happier, focused, more satisfied with your career.
  • Happier at work and at home.
  • Not dependent on a hit or miss approach.
  • Less money spent & time lost in your search.
  • This course builds you up.
  • Knowing and experiencing your RIGHT JOB ©  is affirming and motivating.
  • You want to work and you are inclined to do more effective work even in today’s uncertain and unexpected world of employment … that you, the individual and the employer, may anticipate with confidence and pleasure, a fruitful and fulfilling working relationship.


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