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Even If It Does Not Feel That Way
Even If You Have Emotional Body Parts Lying Around,
You Are In Free Fall And Afraid You Won’t Survive?

This is your Golden Opportunity to put the past behind you and move forward to a better place, to your RIGHT √ JOB ©.

Now is your Golden Opportunity to devote focused attention to your career and where you want to go, free from the past limitations. I know it doesn’t feel like a golden opportunity, but it is. What has happened is now past. You can not change it. You can choose to go forward and do the work to get there.

We hope that by helping you focus forward on your discovery of a positive future which is productive, rewarding and most of all fulfilling, that it will help you heal and begin your new life with good things. To discover, to uncover, to identify connect and apply this complete program so that you can be who you were created to be and do what you were created to do is what we are about helping you do. This is your Golden Opportunity. Move forward and embrace it.

Even though you may be discouraged and have emotional body parts lying around, even though you may feel lost, in free fall and worried about survival, try to understand that a lot of good can from this time for you. Now is the time to re-focus and renew. Now you can do things to enhance your career and your life’s work. There are no quick fixes. Your job is finding your right job. Work smart and consistent to produce good work. Knowing who you are, where you are to go and how to get there is critical, what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you do that.

The process of changing jobs can be very painful, emotional and even traumatic. It can wound and even handicap your self image. It can leave you with emotional body parts lying around. Usually the job search process considers only facts. Often those "facts", your work history, laid out as a resume, serves only to increase the rejection factor and the feelings that come with it.

Robert Garber in The Psychology of Termination and Outplacement tells us that there are a number of stages a person may go through with termination; Shock, Relief, Denial, Disbelief, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Remorse, Panic, Depression, Understanding and Resignation to Situation, Acceptance of Reality, Building a Positive Outlook, Opportunity for Growth and New Direction.

Family may not understand because they need that income. Anything else may be ignored. You see yourself as alone in this pain. You find yourself as outside the acceptable circle of people. Your self image may have been very strongly tied to your job, your title and your work. You may feel as if you are in free fall. Maybe you feel like a boat that is being blown and tossed on a sea and you can't control or move ahead.

An Emotional Oasis?
Does such a thing exist? Yes
Usually it is a place where people are safe, able to heal, get re-focused and come out as functional and feeling good about yourself.

Please try to understand that you are not a reject even though you may feel that way now. You are of value and of worth. You are needed and you will find that you are still liked by your true friends. Any one person may not go through all of these and any one person may go through any one of these stages more than once.

What helps us get through all of this and get back to being able to function in our best interests? Many things can help and that varies with each person. We suggest first and foremost that you do not go it alone. Talk with someone you trust, a professional, a clergy person, a counselor, an objective and not rejecting friend. As this author intimately knows from personal experience, closing up, fear, disconnecting and going it alone is not in your best interest. Trusted others can help you to get through this with minimum damage.

It helps to get feelings up, out and cleared up. It can be damaging to keep it. It helps to have misconceptions and rejections dispelled by a trusted, objective friend. Write out your feelings and thoughts, then read them. Start with I feel …

Yes, there is a time to retreat and heal. Please know that a non-condemning person, a friend or someone who can help you keep perspective can be a precious benefit to you. Often many people can find at least part of this help in a small support group of others going through this change. In fact this program grew out of one single such group many years ago.

This author has, in the past, found himself in need of such a group and their support and it’s benefits. Finding this OK time out and group support means that we can grow into self acceptance and moving ahead to resolve our issues and become functional and productive. Finally getting into the right job, being accepted and productive can be a great healer of wounds from this period. However, if it is not the right job for you it can become even more devastating. That is why we take the in depth approach of Job Search and Career Transition. We deal with F.E.A.R., False Evidence Appearing Real. Reluctance, Why you are here and your wants, met and unmet, Guilt, Self, Image, Refocusing to a productive future and more. It helps you change your attitude from your pain and lost feelings to improved self image and connect to your RIGHT √ JOB ©

Be Aware  -  Feelings are a good servant and a poor master



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