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It Takes More Than A Resume

It takes more than a one size fits all, traditional resume, floating blindly on the internet to connect you to any J.O.B. a Just Over Broke job, or the job that is right for you, your Right Job © *

To Get A Job any job ... much less your Right Job ©, you have to show  the perspective employer, you are able to provide the right package of services, labor and knowledge, that meets the needs of that specific employer and that position, and to do that better than those with whom you compete for that position.

is more than just a survival job, it is something to go for that’s you, your passion, what you're created to do, with a sense of purpose, where you belong, makes you want to get up in the morning and do your work. You realize, I am of value.

The Great Challenge ©
is for you to match you, the right person with the right company and the right tasks, with results that are productive, rewarding and fulfilling.

All These Steps Must Come Together.

  • Experience & accomplishments in a concise focused and targeted format converted into very effective and powerful communication.
  • Personality - they want to know your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared for their questions, able to talk to them the way they want to hear, their personality language.
  • What position fits the real me, what I want to do, my vision, my purpose, what makes me want to get up in the morning, my Right Job ©
  • How to find who needs you, your next employer for your Right Job ©
  • Find what they need done so you can successfully present.
  • Research, more than Google, more than Monster, more than a head hunter.
  • Networking and connecting that pays off, more than social networking, etc.
  • How to connect & get the interview and have them see you as what they want.
  • How to ace the interview, how to answer tough questions, how to negotiate your salary/compensation.

Are You Equipped And Experienced To Do That? 

It takes the special preparation we provide - Click here to view our 7 Steps with a Mentor

We show you how and we walk you through the all seven steps and help you individualize these steps into your Right √ Job ©

all for less than the price of a resume on!

Then you can go get it … we'll help!

BENEFIT - You are not dependant on a one-size-fits-all resume floating blindly on the Internet … which does not connect you to good interviews.

You are able to do a productive search for you.

Be encouraged, you can do this and get the results!

Others have - see I Got Mine !

But First Talk with Neal, A Career Mentor,   330-802-5152


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