I Got Mine!
What Real People Say
After Taking the Course



by Neal Stevens

Unemployment ... Your Golden Opportunity

It's Your Time. Spend It In Your Best Interest.

You Are Not A Reject Or A Failure

Focus On A Positive Future Not A Negative Past
You Are A Solution Going Somewhere To Happen

Now is your golden opportunity to devote focused attention to who you are and where you want to go so you can live it out.  I know it doesn't feel like a golden opportunity, but really it is.  Even though you may have emotional body parts lying around, may be discouraged, lost, in free fall, and worried about survival, now you have the time to focus on the making the next position the one that is right for you.  No quick fixes.  It is time to do it. 

It's time to re-focus and renew, to evaluate, and enhance your life's work.  Now is a fresh start.  Now you can help yourself in ways you could not when all your focus was on your current or past position.  Once you come to realize that you are not in the right position, whether you've made that decision or that decision has been made for you, then you have The Golden Opportunity

This is not a "well, we'll try this new job and see if it works".  This is the time to go through the process of seeing who you really are and what you are to do.  Then a lot of good can from this time of change for you and you will be achieving personal fulfillment in your work and your life.

#1 Focus Is Forward
Your number one focus now is to see the best direction for you to go.  Not a roll of the dice by hoping a resume connects you by chance to something that ends up to be the right position.  Put to death the past, grieve the loss, then change direction and focus on going forward.  Go through the process of seeing who you really are and what you are to do and learning how to get there · and then do it, that is your number one focus.  We'll help show you what works and what doesn't.  This is your Golden Opportunity into your new career place. 

This Process Is Not To Be Taken Ignorantly Or Lightly

You may need to think outside of your box of a resume and a want ad. Outside of the pattern you have depended on. Outside the traditional approach, which has a 99% failure rate. 

If you wish to use the "resume in response to a want ad" approach, we will give you the best resume approach, Write Right Resume©, because it can help you make a better match using Power Phrases© and WoW Statements©.  If you wish something much better which will meet The Great Challenge of Right Person, Right Job, Right Tasks, Right Company©, then we offer you Job Search and Career Transition©.

Are you dissatisfied and need to change your approach?  Consider the successful alternative, Job Search and Career Transition© including Write Right Resume©.

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Benefits that save Money, Time, and Heartache and provide Effectiveness, Comprehensive, Control, Facts that are Persuasive, Powerful, Relate, Sensitive, Productive, CCM. 

Effectiveness - more effectiveness to get to the right connection in less time and with less money to avoid the 99% resume failure trap.

Complete - and comprehensive in approach, not just the same old parts and pieces, wrapped up differently and the same old results but new desirable results. 

Control ... Cooperative control is given to you by equipping and informing you as to what works.  You are enabled and can remain in that cooperative control. You do not have to be a job beggar. 

Effectiveness ... When you are effective, you make the connection of yourself to your right job.  It is not done as a gamble
of "I hope this connects" or "I'll send it and see what happens."  You know and are effectively in control. 
This is the foundation of a productive job interview.  When you know and you know that you know, confidence replaces F.E.A.R. 

Factual ... not fluff.  Not a bunch of stuff, thrown around to see what sticks in the hope you can connect.  You need a warm, factual approach that does not leave out sensitivities and produces a CCM, a Clear and Complete Mutual understanding.

Gain ... the wonderful benefits that others have gained, not limited to just another job, but all the way up to living out your reason for existing and receiving rewarding fulfillment while you are in the right job in the right company. 

Heartache ... avoiding the pain that many people experience by composing their own resume, sending out resumes to their list of possible employers, and waiting and hoping for acceptance to an interview and not receiving the invite.  Meanwhile, you experience the pain, fears, and rejection and then repeat the process of sending of old style resume to want ads with diminished hope.  Avoid as much of this as possible. 

Money ... Unemployment time cuts into your savings and your time to earn monies. Get back to earning money instead of spending money. 

Persuasive ... When you have the steps we offer together, you can connect and relate.  It is this connecting and relating that is clear, right and so persuasive to others, even if you are not accustomed to being persuasive.  It just seems "right". 

Powerful ... When all this comes together and you are enabled to put it into use in a powerful and pleasing way, it works and it is right. 

Relate ... and connect who you are and what you do to what you can uncover about the other person and what they need done.  This is the step by step process that connects so you can relate, what many others refer to as "good chemistry". 

Right job ... When you are in the right job, you are satisfied, fulfilled, and receive rewarding benefits.  It can become a labor of love with increasing money and benefits.  You need to get there and not just to another job that steals your life. Remember Write Right Resume© is
the best resume service to help you get there. Job Search and Career Transition© is the best program to help you get there. 

Sensitive ... When you have followed the steps and program we offer, you find that you are able to be both sensitive to the other person and yet proceeding on an objective path that results in filling their needs in a profitable way and gaining rewarding and fulfilling results. 

Time ... Don't waste the time and having the uncertainty of composing a resume which later you find does not get you where you want and need to be.  You need to get into the right job as soon as possible. 

This time spent benefits you. Are you ready to commit to your true self?

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Identify,  Connect,  and  Apply
Who you really are ... not just what someone tells you who you are, what you should be, what your decision should be, and what you do.  Let's put it together instead of just rolling the job dice.  Our course uses our approach of treating this like a picture puzzle of words, putting the parts and pieces into a framework of Who Am I, Who Are They, and How Do We Get Together.

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Handle With Care

More Than Just A Resume, 
It's your life. Will you trust it to just a resume ?

This is not just about a resume and just a job.  There is much more at stake here than just preparing a piece of paper or two.  Who you are and how that plays out is involved.  This is your career and your life.  Handle with care! 

It is about identifying who you really are and who you want to become.  It is about getting connected to and living out how you see yourself.  This program will guide you on how to do it.  This is more than just trying to make an impressive resume that is going to be seen by someone and result in a job which will provide just a living.  This is your Golden Opportunity.

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Straight Talk About Resumes 
Let's put things straight: "a job search is not a sophisticated resume distribution system that leads to utopia."  Resumes are dysfunctional.  The resume failure rate is over 99%. 

"The One Who Get The Job is Not Necessarily The Best Qualified, But The One Who Knows The Most About How To Get The Job."

-Richard Nelson Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute

Qualify this "Job" as knowing the right job for you and it has even more impact.

Say no to the old resume format.  It doesn't connect.  This is your opportunity to get connected not only to yourself but to what works so you can be applying yourself in the right job and receiving rewarding fulfillment.

Rewarding fulfillment, on the job and in life, comes from inside.  Knowing and doing what you are purposed and created to do.  Learn it, be it and do it.

This is your Golden Opportunity
Getting it all together so you are going forward in your right direction, doing your I AM and I DO with results.

Who you really are ... not just what someone tells you who you are, what you should be, what your decision should be, and what you do.  Let's put it together instead of just rolling the job dice.

The mindset of employers is to look for a reason to reject resumes from the stack.  This is really what you are competing against.  A resume, or page layout that may have connected ten or twenty years ago, is today, likely to go into the wastebasket.  Employers don't read those pages.  Would you?  You can't connect by using a powerless, vanilla, resume that is just another piece of paper in the stack · no matter how well intentioned you are.

We find almost 100% of general resumes are now being rejected, even those written by so called professionals.  This perspective is supported by Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the best selling book, What Color Is Your Parachute.  It's no wonder when you look at the resumes people send in.  They did their best.  They did what they thought was right, even what many books say to do. Still, they don't make the connection for interviews and the right job.  If you're going to use the "resume in response to a want ad" approach then you need all the help you can get to improve the discouraging odds you face.

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Think About It. 
How Will You Effectively Connect To Your Right Job?
What Action Brings What Results?

enables you to control your search and your choices.  You are focused on a path to successfully complete your job search campaign with rewarding fulfillment.

You learn how to identify and communicate who you really are, including the Fire In Your Heart ©.  You learn how to identify who they are, the company, person or market for whom you want to work.  You learn how to get together.  You learn the skills necessary to successfully complete all phases of a job search campaign, and not in just another job attempt.  Being comprehensive and complete, it lifts you to new heights.

We offer a battery of tests to help you make an informed decision.  These include MyChoice©, Myers Briggs Type Indicator©, Holland SDS Self Directed Search © and others.

We work it like a picture puzzle, showing you how to keep track of all the parts and pieces and reducing them to key words which are ready for you to make decisions and enable you to meet your objective.

We help you remove obstacles including F.E.A.R.s and reluctance.  We help you overcome jitters and feelings that prevent you from moving ahead.

We provide you new tools to connect that are many times more effective.

This package is more complete and more focused than any we know of today.

Result: You are enabled to meet The Great Challenge© with a Fingerprint Word Accurate Match©.

When You Know and You Know That You Know · Then Confidence Replaces F.E.A.R!

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Resume Failure Rate 99%

Resumes, Everyone Does Them, Do They Work? NO!
Who Says?

What Color Is Your Parachute - Author Richard Nelson Bolles, 1999 
Considered the most popular book in the trade and re-published each year.

1400-1700 Resumes to get the job interview. This = 0.7% (.007)

This puts you in the direct mail business - expensive and discouraging and still you may end up in the wrong job.

Something Is Wrong!

Anderson Consulting - Was one of the largest business consulting firms in the world. Now Accenture. President George Shaheens (Forbes 3/8/98)

# of resumes received each year           4,200,000
# who get 15 minute interview                  200,000    = 0.50%    (.0050)
# who get second interviews                    100,000    = 0.25%    (.0025)
# who receive job offers                             20,000    = 0.05%    (.0005)
# who accept (50%)                                  10,000    = 0.04%    (.0004)
# Rejected - Disappointed                   4,185,000    =99.96% 
Does this say that a resume is effective at eliminating you ?

Still 10,000 leave the Anderson Consulting firm each year, the same number as were hired = 15% employer turnover each year.

Something Is Wrong!

Bureau of Labor Statistics
People Employed In The US                           140,000,000
Job Changes Each Year                                   35,000,000   = 25%
People on Temp                                                50,000,000   = 40%
Yes, we are waiting for the final figures but -

Something Is Wrong!

Cornell University Study - Job Churn
2000 Executives interviewed.  76% had submitted their resume to nine or more companies in the past year.  Cornell called this Job Churn.

Something Is Wrong!

Very Well Known State University 
80% of those hired from on-campus interviews change jobs in 18 months. The best of the graduates are in job churn. Companies don't know why, students don't know why.

Something Is Wrong!

Electronic Resumes 
We have not yet seen any good figures on how many interviews per how many people see a resume.  We do know this: that quantity does not replace quality.  If your interface device--resume or otherwise--is not right, it just gets more rejection faster.  This is a new art, a new science, requiring expertise. If you don't have that expertise, you are automatically rejected by a machine and you never make it to the people consideration stage much less an interview.

Something Is Wrong!

Conclusion Something Is Wrong!  A 99+% resume failure rate does not get you where you want to go.  It definitely does not meet The Great Challenge.  It does trigger discouragement, rejection, poor connectivity, and productivity.  Most people are not aware of the workable alternative.  The alternative ©
including Write Right Resume ©
We are, however, seeing results from those in our program that are very successful including people who have doubled their income with electronic resumes, even people over 50.  This includes 4 or more qualified inquires each week.  Yes, he is now a speaker with us and tells you how he did it.

Something Is Right!

PS: Read the book Job Shift

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Conventional Wisdom & Myths

Often they don't work ... Learn and decide wisely.

Conventional wisdom tells you that if you're going to change jobs or careers that you have to get the best resume and mail it out or give it to as many people as you can.  You're told it is a numbers game.  People and books will tell you that's the way we always do it.

Maybe it did work that way at one time - however it does not work that way now.  If you do it the old conventional way you are likely to suffer from it's 99% failure rate.  Maybe you need to see and learn an effective alternative.  Conventional wisdom may not be wisdom and may not work. 

Conventional resumes just don't work. Why ? 
Radical thought ·Could the process of a want ad and a resume be the problem?
Maybe it is not you!

Myth 1: A resume and a want ad leads to a good job and happiness for life. 
What's wrong with this ?

Myth 2: If you don't give them a resume then you won't get an interview and you can't be considered for the job.  Not true! 

Myth 3: The employer will look out for your interests especially if you just trust them and work hard.  There is evidence is that this is not true.

Myth 4: In an interview, don't say too much or ask too many questions.  The prospective employer will take care of everything and you need to let him control the interview.  Why not?

The Myths go on and on. When you really check these statements and the results of doing what these myths say to do, then you find out what is said may not be true.

Some people may be afraid to see what is really happening and go on accepting the disappointing results.  They live in disappointment going from cliché to cliché, accepting undesirable work alternatives, complaining, blaming and making excuses.  One definition of insanity is dong the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

Alternative: Job Search and Career Transition, including Write Right Resume©, a most effective alternative that does not leave you restricted to a resume and a want ad approach.  Learn and decide wisely. Decide to discover, be informed and change your actions.

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is our acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  It also has the usual meaning of fear.  These accompany many periods of this employment process.  We know how fear can grip anyone especially during periods of uncertainty or anxiety, which accompany a job search or career transition.

We've found that the best way out is not analyzing fear or the source which triggers of it.  The best way to eliminate it is to become focused on your objective and move forward.  This is not just any objective, although that can have a temporary benefit.  Become focused on your objective.  This comes from knowing your purpose and your "WHY" in useable, applicable terms. 

How?  Simply by using the steps that are included in the Job Search and Career Transition program.  When the work has been done (and it does require work - no silver bullets), then the picture comes together and you are able to connect your own Fingerprint Words© into a picture that shows you your objective and your "WHY". 

When you have these steps together, you are ready to proceed.  You know where you are going and you are energized by living it out.  Can you believe wanting to go to work because you like it and the results even though it is tough?  You are motivated and you keep on going no matter what life does to you.  When you have this, you have what feels right down inside of you!

This process has been life changing, not just job changing, for many who have taken this program.  This is not magic or pie in the sky or quick Band-Aids.  This is identifying it and connected and then applying it step by step for good results.  When you have that, then no one can take it away from you.  You are no longer a victim of interviews, experiments or jobs. You are where you need to be and you know where you are going.  You know what works and what does not.  You are about your business. 

When You Know and You Know That You Know, Confidence Replaces FEAR.

Someone said it then becomes another F.E.A.R., the ability to Face Everything And Recover.

Go for it!  It works under the toughest of conditions.

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Facts are one part of the search and feelings are another part of the job search.  Both are very important and you cannot have fulfillment without both.  Yes, we do understand the feelings that accompany this traumatic period in your career.  The staff here has experienced many of these feelings themselves and relate to their uncomfortable feeling, even their pain.  They do play a part in what we do during this process and how we make decisions.  These are not something other than the job search; they are an integral part of the search that cannot be ignored or buried.

The feelings that accompany job search can be some of the most intense and devastating emotional times in your life. Psychologists rank it with a death of a loved one or a divorce.  Feelings, ego, and self-image are a part of this change process.

This is not something to be ignored or taken lightly.  It is not to be laid aside or dismissed making the decision on facts only.  It is to our peril if we do.

Neither can we lay aside facts and the pragmatic for feelings and emotional decisions lest it also be to our peril.  We have found it is not something to be denied.  Feelings are one of your most precious possessions.  Someone once said, "They are a good servant and a poor master." 

We inform you about many characteristics of feelings during this change in your employment.  The steps we walk you through as a part of the feeling section in this program relate to Shock and Transition, Emotional Venting, Healthy Helps, Personality Responses, Emotional Pulses, Reluctance and Fear, Say-Mean-Feel and last but not least Fire In The Heart.

We understand how you may feel.  We've seen hundreds who have felt as you do.  We've found that as important as it is to address and express feelings, ego and self image, one of the best helps is do the entire Job Search & Career Transition process which helps you identify and build up yourself.  This includes knowing where you are purposed and want to go.  It also includes learning how to get there.  By pulling it all together and refocusing on the new target, most people come out of the distresses feeling period and into an extremely different period of being very happy and fulfilled. A caution: to prolong this period of change and adjustment in your search, by using ineffective resumes that result in your continuous rejection, is not in your best interest. It can even have a long-term effect on you and your self-image. We, your team, have been through the pain and the struggle. We understand. What you are feeling is just as important as your job facts.

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One second before the deadline, whenever we imagine that deadline to be. We can't meet it and we are in a panic.  You may be at that point now.  You may perceive that the worst is going to happen and there may be some possibility of it, yet it usually does not happen as we think.  Our worst fears usually are not realized yet it can grip us in an insidious way.  It seems to just take over our thoughts.  We may be around people who operate in the negative or in fear.  They tell you how the worst will happen.  They may tell you it, whatever "it" is, can't be done.  They will wrap it in stories of fear to convince you instead of building you up so you can attain it.

Your past history may have built a pattern of can't.  You may have people tell you or you may hear it in your own thoughts, "you can't do that and so you had better do this in case that doesn't happen."  We'll suggest some steps here which are only meant to be temporarily helpful until you can learn the steps to take and begin to build up the real you into becoming who you see yourself to really be.

Interrupt the thought pattern ·interrupt the thought pattern repeatedly until you can get a break to think differently and in a healthy way that is to your advantage.  How?  Several ways work well for many people.

Option 1: Place a rubber band around your wrist and each time that thought comes into your mind, snap the rubber band on your wrist.  That'll interrupt the thought and you can think differently.  This may need to be done repeatedly.

Option 2: Run your wrists under warm water or up to as hot as you can stand it.  This can be relaxing and freeing.

Option 3: Take a walk or for some who can take a run.  Exercise is an important part of maintaining health during this period.

Option 4: Take time out by a lake, stream, river, or a waterfall, if accessible.  If you can't take time out then picture yourself at a waterfall, breathing in the clean fresh air and just relaxing. There is also a physiological reason for this. Running water gives off negative ions and these cause the endorphins to flow in your brain and to create a positive mental state.

Option 5: Go someplace that is interesting or attention getting for you.  We suggest this not be television.  Depending on your personality and experience, it can be any number of places other than where you are likely to retreat into the whole of ugly thoughts.  Learn more about this subject in the book Earning What You’re Worth How to Overcome the Fear of Self-Promotion by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson Another good book is You, Inc. by Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Beckwith

11:59:59 usually does not come unless I believe it into existence.  Personally, I have experienced times of little money when I knew I had only a few days until the bottom fell out, my world would collapse, people would reject me, and all those bad things I feared would happen to me.  They didn't.  Months after that I was still thinking I am only 30 days until 11:59:59 disaster and realized it may not happen if I change my attitude and self talk.  As I took the steps in the Job Search and Career Transition Program, I found two things happened: 1) the intensity of the fear or the negative decreased; and 2) the frequency of the fear or the negative decreased.  Knowing this as I faced my situation gave me help, comfort, and confidence.

Please remember that as you become clearly focused on who you are, your key AM and DO words, you will see where to go and you will begin to live it out.  This is the best self image builder we know of.  This is the power in the engine of overcoming your difficult situation and becoming who you are to be.  Doing the DO, no reference to a soft drink commercial, is the main thing.  You then need to keep the main thing the main thing.  Let's DO it.

It is the hope of the team here that you will come to know and experience who you really are and what you are purposed to do.  We hope we can help you both in the program and the walk to come to experience that.  Once you experience that and hold tight to it, you can then grow on your experience and build a career and life of rewarding fulfillment.  We consider it a privilege to be a part of that process and we love doing it.

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Job Search is not just a work history and resumes.
It is feelings, attitude and purpose fulfilled.

Facts ... are what you have done, your work history and your accomplishments.  These things can be rated good or bad depending on many factors.  This work history, facts in resume format is supposed to be a guide to how well you can do is the position that is being considered. It's not.

Objective is that fluff statement you put at the top of the resume about where you want to go, at least so someone will be impressed and think you know what you are talking about. It may not be real but someone told you to do it as though it would work miracles.

Feelings ... are neither good nor bad, they just are. Someone wisely said feelings are a good servant and a poor master. Don't ignore them and don't let them master you.

Attitude ... is something you choose.  It is a position in response to live you experience which you select either by a decision or by deciding not to decide.  It is a mind set, a way you set your mind or a mental position.  That position is a relationship to something or someone and is first established in your mind.  Then it is lived out. It may be as general as choosing to be happy or sad at any moment.  It may be choosing to take a very clear position on some issue.

You choose your attitude.  It is yours.  No one can make you choose your attitude. You are also responsible for how it is reflected in your daily life.  Don't just keep repeating and reinforcing those ugly, fearful thoughts that are not in your best interest.  Have you heard what can result from a positive attitude?

Charles Swindoll said life is 10% what happens to you and 90% attitude, how you choose to respond to what happens to you. We encourage you to read his writings.

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How Does Leaving Your Job Make You Feel?

How do you feel?  Scared, disoriented, in free fall, wounded, emotional body parts lying around, fragmented self image, not connecting to a new job, happy to be out of there, bouncing around between many emotions, holding it in because of what others might think or say?

We think the best way out of this focus on the past is to have a clear focus on your right path into the future and know how get there.  That is what we are about.  Let’s be about what works. 

See Feelings, Emotional Oasis.
See Welcome to Working at Working, Course Outline

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An Emotional Oasis

Does such a thing exist? Yes!  Usually it is a place or people where you are safe, able to heal, get re-focused, and come out functional and feeling good about yourself.

This process of changing jobs can be very painful, emotional, and even traumatic.  It can wound and even handicap your self image and your ability to move forward.  It can leave you with emotional body parts lying around.

Frequently the job search process considers only facts, like those usually laid out in your work history in a resume format. It has become common knowledge that these do not connect you to a job or career that you feel right about.  This only serves to increase the rejection factor and the feelings that come with it.

Friends or family may not understand.  They may say, "You have a responsibility to meet.  Just get a job, any job, and live with it."  Everything else about you is ignored.  People often have a problem going to that personal place of attitudes, feelings and emotions that connect to a job or career.

This may leave you alone in this pain.  You may see yourself as outside the acceptable circle of people.  Your self image may have been very strongly tied to and centered around your job, your title, and your work.  When you lose your position, your job, or your desire to do the work you are doing because it just is not you - then your self image may go down the tubes. Maybe you feel like you are in free fall. Richard Nelson Bolles labeled his best selling book "What Color Is Your Parachute" to identify with this feeling. 

You may feel like you have body parts lying around.  You feel broken and afraid to even acknowledge it to anyone for fear of being put down or sloughed off, being treated like a dummy or why should you care.  It may seem no one cares. Maybe you feel like a boat that is being blown and tossed on a sea and you can't control it or move ahead.

You can get that Humpty Dumpty feeling- broken and all the king’s men can't put you back together again.

This is all very real and very often ignored.

Is there a place where emotions are not forgotten or abused ? Is there an oasis Does anyone care beyond patronizing? Yes there is an Emotional Oasis and you can have take it and have it. In fact it is very good for you. 

How Do You Feel? We try to take time out in Job Search and Career Transition and try to work through this.  We cannot be everyone's counselor.  We do use some word prompts to do a check up.  We provide you with some information that may give you new focus and hope.  It may interest you to know that some of these terrifying or very uncomfortable feelings are common to those going through job change or transition. 

We'll show you it may be normal.

We connect you with resources that have helped other.  We try to help you put it all together.  We are people like yourself and we have gone through the problems and the pain.  We have found some helps.  We care and we'll try to help.  Believe me, you can and will get through this and you can re-visit this to see you improvement.

Possibly we can provide some of what can be helpful to this part of what you are going through.  Maybe it will be helpful to know what is usual in this search and transition business.

Robert Garber in The Psychology of Termination and Outplacement tells us that there are a number of stages a person may go through;  Determination, Shock, Relief, Denial, Disbelief, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Remorse, Panic, Depression, Understanding and Resignation to Situation, Acceptance of Reality, Building a Positive Outlook, Opportunity for Growth and New Direction.

Any one person may not go through all these and any one person may go through any of these stages more than once. Generally, everyone experiences these intense feelings repeatedly with a job search.

Please try to understand that you are not a reject even though you may feel that way now · even if you were fired or whatever.  We've been there and we know.  You are of value and of worth.  You are still needed by an employer.  You will find that you are still liked by your true friends.  Be careful of the false equations you apply to yourself in your thinking.

What helps us get though all this and back to being able to function in our best interests.  Many things can help and that varies with each person.  We suggest first and foremost that you do not go it alone.  As this author intimately knows from personal experience, closing up, fear, disconnecting and going it alone is not in your best interests.

Trusted others can help us to get through this with minimum damage. I t helps to get feelings up, out, and cleared up.  It can be damaging to keep it buried.

Write it out as follows; When ... (the thing that happened to me) I feel ... (name the feeling) Because ... (Why you feel this way)

Yes, there is a time to retreat and heal.  Please know that a non-condemning person, a friend or someone who can help you keep perspective and not rush or condemn you, can be a precious benefit to you.

Often many people can find at least part of this help in a small support group of others going through this change.  In fact, this program grew out of one single such group about six years ago.

This author has, in the past, found himself in need of such a group and of a friend's support.  Finding this OK time out and group support means we can grow into self acceptance and moving ahead to resolve our issues and become functional and productive.  Finally, getting into the right job, being accepted and becoming productive can be a great healer of wounds from this period.  However, if it is not the right job for you it can become even more disappointing and devastating.  That is why we take the in depth approach of Job Search and Career Transition.  We deal with:
F.E.A.R., Reluctance, Why you are, Your Wants, met and unmet, Guilt, Self Image, Refocusing to a productive future ... and more.

Side Note about Feelings and Attitude: 

It is important for people to experience this caring and comprehensive approach in a caring local group.  We are expanding our Job Search and Career Transition groups into other local areas.  This is volunteer and non-profit.  If you are interested in helping or starting a group in your area, we can help and support you.  Please e-mail me a note about your interest and let's discuss it.

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A Fingerprint Word Accurate Match ©

Match the right person to the right job and the right tasks with results that are productive, rewarding, and fulfilling with fingerprint word accuracy.

Your Fingerprint Words© are as identifiable as your fingerprints.  Going through the steps of our program will show you how to identify your Fingerprint Words©.  You'll know your Fingerprint Words© and you can know the Fingerprint Words© of others· even those of companies.  We'll show you how to connect and apply these Fingerprint Words© to make the match, to find the right job in the right company.

Imagine a comparison so simple, yet so accurate, that you can make this Fingerprint Word Accurate Match©.

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Author Unknown

Many people know a great deal of information.  It seems in this information age we have the opportunity to learn or have available for our immediate use, volumes more than we could even comprehend just a couple of decade ago.  What you know and where to find even more. Information on the web, they say, is doubling every 100 days.

But what do we know · who we are? Knowing who you are and knowing information are two very different things.  Are we, are you, replacing knowing who you are with just knowing information.  You can know a great deal of information, mentally stored and available but you may not know who you are, why you are and what you are to be doing.  This last part is what leads to self worth, to have what you're doing count to knowing where to go and to do what you need to do to gain rewarding fulfillment.

Disconnected emotions do not lead to where you want to be.  How many people seek entertainment so they can emote and hope to feel worth or value but don't get the value they seek?  I have, have you?

When you know who you are, what you are to be doing and why, then you can have confidence to take your eyes off yourself and focus on the other person, their needs and how to connect.  When you have a connection, you have a mutual foundation on which the exchange information and be of value.

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Fire In Your Heart

A passion for what you do and what you want to do. It turns you on and it lights fire under others.

So how do you make this happen in the context of job and career searching? How do you make it all connect? Is there a pattern that works and can be easily followed? Can it be simplified so I can remember it and apply it YES to the above.  This is what the course provides. You can learn it and do it with results that both rewarding and fulfilling.

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Mission Statement

To facilitate and empower individuals and business to create a functional match of people and employment that is profitable, rewarding, and fulfilling.

We facilitate and empower individuals and businesses by providing the information and education they need to make informed decisions about employment and careers;

to assist people to see, to identify, connect and apply, who they are and what they can do;

to help them connect and apply what is going on in their head and their heart; 

to apply this realization of who they are, their gifts, talents, experience, and personality to the needs of others in practical, functional, ways;

to help them develop the skills required to successfully manage and complete their search campaign; and

to help them create a successful employment match with results that are both rewarding and fulfilling.

We do this while providing an oasis of caring.

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This Program Is Special

It is a discovery program, a process to identify, connect and apply WORDS, Keywords, and Fingerprint Words so you can meet The Great Challenge.

We are a teaching / helping place.  This requires some Stop and Think

Resumes - Yes - Write Right Resume but more important is Job Search and Career

Transition and then much more - come and see.

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The JSCT program is about WORDS, words that identify and connect you to you and to others so you can apply who you are to your life, effectively and with rewarding results.

We will show you how to search out, look at, stir up and arrange these WORDS, which are in you and about you.  These words are your words, words living in you, words desiring to get out, condensed, pressed down, and concise.  These words become your TO DO words and your I AM words.  When you get your arms around these words, your words, your Keywords, your Fingerprint Words.  NO ONE can take them away from you.  You can always come back to them when life chews you up and spins you around·and it will.  With these words you can focus and refocus and get back on track to reach your Objective, Goals and Purpose.  This leads to recovery, fulfillment, and good feelings. 

You are living words!

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It's More Than A Resume Sent Somewhere, Anywhere and Everywhere.  Is that what your work and your future now depends on?

Did you hear about the man who shot the gun in the air and hoped the bird would fly over?

You're right, the bird didn't fly over. Ready, Fire, Aim - or don't aim? 
Is there a message about resumes here? We think so - You decide! 
Is there a better way? YES!

Let's STOP, LOOK, and THINK about what we're doing and where it leads.  Your life depends on it or at the very least will be spent on this decision. That's important Job Search & Career Transition

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You may have experience those feelings of this may not work but it is the way to do it.  Ask yourself if you want to depend on a device that failures over 99% of the time to get you where you want to go?  About the failure rate.  You wouldn't accept that from your car and your career is more important, isn't it?  If your car broke down 99% of the time and didn't get where you wanted it to go, would you get another vehicle?  It's not rocket science.  If a resume can't get you where you want to go, do you need another vehicle?  This is going to be the point of decision for you!

Time Out to be informed and maybe make a better decision. Time Out to get prepared for focused action steps. Stop, Think, Decide, Take Action, Get Results. Let's STOP, LOOK and THINK about what we're doing and where it leads. Our life depends on it or at the very least will be spent on this decision. That's important.
An Emotional Oasis
Stuck and Need to Get Unstuck

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Wisdom, Not Whiz Dumb

Do you feel pressured to "hurry up and do something", no matter what it is, and do it faster and broader to overcome all those panic feelings inside and pressures from the outside?

Shoot the gun in the air and hope the bird flies over?  However, the bird doesn't fly over or even close! Ready, Fire, · maybe I should have aimed?  Let's try it and see if it is good chemistry? · very dangerous.

E-Resume ? Maybe the web will connect me faster, over a larger area.  It is the newest and greatest.  It is tempting to use the breath of the web to compensate for not having a "connecting document".  The web however does not compensate for if you and your documents do not connect.  The web will serve only to give you more "not connects" faster.

It may be in your best interest to stop and think about this, how to connect, how to get together. How to connect effectively and to meet The Great Challenge.  Most people do not.  We do hope you will consider us as professionals helping you to reach your objective as the path to take.

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Just Another Resume?

What does the person receiving your resume see on the paper?
Do they see what they want? 
Do they really see you · or do they see something else? 
Why shouldn't they reject your resume? 
Is it hard to read? 
Is it the same old dry, uninteresting, paper? 
Will your resume connect you to the right interview? 
When you know and you know that you know, confidence
replaces fear. 
THINK about what's happening! 
We encourage you not to settle for a quick fix that doesn't work.
Have you been beaten up in this resume process?
Have you ended up in a place you do not want to be? 
How do you get to the right place? 
This process is not to be taken ignorantly or lightly.  You may need to think outside of your box, outside of the pattern you have depended on, outside the traditional approach of a conventional resume and a want ad so as not to be a victim of the 99% failure rate.

Have you ever considered that resumes just don't work very well?

They don't connect you to the right interview and position!

SO HOW COME ... 99% of resumes fail to connect?

Could it be the process of want ads and resumes do not connect the right person to the right job?

If this approach--conventional resumes and want ads--did work, people would get the right job, be better matched, functional, productive and satisfied they were in the right place.  Other good results would then likely follow, such as increased production, positive attitudes, less likely to want to keep changing jobs and so on. Maybe other consequences would not be felt so severely felt such as downsizing, mergers and the like.

What are you creating when you write a resume? Why?

You read the books on how to write a resume, one of the 750 resume books that tell you what to do?  Do they know what to do ? How come it takes 750 resume books to tell you what to do?  If they were doing so well at resume writing how come the results don't work ? 

Resume Failure Rate 99%  
I know you put your heart and soul into this paper called a resume.  Untold painful hours of thankless effort. I know, I've done the same.  Your intentions are the best.  You are trying to do your best under this pressure.  You desire to get the interview and the job.  You desire to do a good job.  Expectations?  You want this resume paper to connect you to  a job or at least an interview?  You search and search want ads and finally finding a possibility, you send out a resume with the best cover letter you can muster.   You drop it in the mail box with a prayer and wait.  Oh, what a wait.  Do you know what is going to happen when you send the resume?  What have you been told to expect? Does that really happen? No matter how well intentioned you are, no matter how many books you read, what do you think is going to happen? 99% chance · no response, no interview, no job.

Result: your self-image is wounded and again your feelings are hurt and it looks like there is something unacceptable, something wrong with you.  Ok, you're a tough person and you'll recover. This is just part of the game, part of the process if you want that right job.  Again you tweak and improve and repeat the process. Again the response is the same ·likely no response. You ask yourself ... What am I doing wrong? Am I such a failure as a person that I cannot even get an acknowledgement? Don't I come close enough to a match to at least get one interview?  If I could just get one interview, then I could show them I could do the job. I ask people who should know or might know and all they say is tweak this and tweak that and just keep sending out those resumes.  What is the solution?  Job Search and Career Transition because of a comprehensive program that connects you to where you want to go including the tools of Write Right Resume, because of Power Phrases© & WoW Statements©.  When you know and you know that you know, confidence replaces fear.

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We, Neal Stevens and your team, hope this sharing of our experience and that of others will be of help for you.


To Lift You Higher to Your Right Job



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