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The Program is Job Search and Career Transition, JSCT.
The Process is Working At Working,
The Manual is Write Right Resume To Your Right √ Job © is our website.

We run this program under WPIC, an IRS approved 501C3, Non-Profit corporation.


The Purpose of Job Search and Career Transition is to assist Individuals:

  1. to see and understand who they are, what they do, including desires, talents, skills and experience with who they are created to be;
  2. to identify and understand who needs them, what the individual has to offer, and to know how to come together;
  3. that they, individual and employer, may anticipate with confidence and pleasure a fruitful and fulfilling working relationship.

We empower individuals by providing:

  • the education and information they need to make informed decisions about their employment and career;
  • effective ways to recognize and connect what is going on in their heart and mind;
  • the skills they need to successfully complete their search campaign.

We do this while providing an oasis of people who care about you.
Blepo, Klepto, Sunemi Christos Eph 1:18

The Great Challenge ©

Is For You To Match You, The Right Person To The Right Job and The Right Tasks With The Right Company With A Fingerprint  Word  Accurate  Match © With Results That Are Productive, Rewarding And Fulfilling


To individualize, identify, connect, and apply 3 groups of your tailored info, who am I, what do I do, who are they what do they need done, and how to put it together and how to get together, that points you to where you are going, with results that are productive, rewarding and fulfilling, that the individual and employer may anticipate with confidence and pleasure, a fruitful and fulfilling working relationship.

We are a non-profit teaching and support group.
We are not a resume database. We are not an search agency.
We cannot guarantee any outcome or be responsible for your individual application of this program. There are many factors that enter into relationships and interviews between individuals and businesses and these are beyond our ability to control or affect the outcome.


To Lift You Higher to Your Right Job



Job Search & Career Transition (JSCT)
We are not a resume database. We are not a search agency. We are a non-profit teaching and support group.

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